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Is anybody still having issues SENDING email ?

Level 3

Since the outage, I am not able to send any email

- I get a message saying that there is an "integrity constraint"

The email then gets saved to DRAFTS

If I then go into drafts, I can select and send the email without issue

Not sure why I now need this 2 step process


anyboyd else having the same issue?

(PS: Impossile trying to get through to TPG at the moment - their phone message still says they are having an outage)


Hi @captainphil 


Thanks for raising this with us.


Using your community details, I was able to check your account and see your interaction with our Technical Team. In response to your post in another thread: our Technical Team tried to reach out to you due to the concern you've raised via our Online Inquiry. They were unable to reach you on September 3, hence why they sent you SMS providing our hotline for assistance. I can see that a Sr Technician was able to call you today. Based on our records, you have confirmed that the emails are already working.


My apologies for any inconvenience that the recent email outage has caused.