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Is this an acceptable speed for ADSL2+

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Screenshot-2018-4-9 Speedtest Custom - Test your internet speeds.pngTPS Speed check


This is the speed I am getting. We are in the 3 - 4.5km range with line attenuation 53 and SNR 13.3. The internet started dropping and contacted TPG support few times. TPG adjusted the speed by half (4 Mbps to 2 Mbps temporarily) and the dropouts reduced.  I was told later that the problem is resolved and the current speed is within the 'acceptable range'.  The internet is bearly usable but atleast stable.


I find it difficult to beleive that this is an acceptable speed and would like to know the experience of other users.


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Hi there, I can't comment on whether your distance is causing an issue as I've never known my distance from the exchange at previous addresses when using ADSL. I think 4km is considered quite a long distance?


Anyhow, I would say download of 1 would not be acceptable as this would not allow you to watch a 720p youtube stream, maybe struggle to get a 480p... but in this day and age I think that is too low. On ADSL 2 at friends house using a fairly old and cheap/basic plan with Telstra, was still able to get 5-6 (slower during peak), but I'd say your 4 is ok but 1 would not be acceptable.

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The maximum speed I am getting at times is 1.7Mbps. Still too slow to use it.


Hi @jeymashz,



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I went ahead and tried to pull up your account using your Community Details and I got a match.


I can see that there is a recent Technical Issue raised to our Engineering Team about the stability of your connection. Our Engineering Team made SNR adjustment to your connection to eliminate the noise that causes drop outs on your connection however, this change may suffer the speed.


At the moment I remove the SNR adjustment to normal and the Sync Speed is now back to is normal speed.


Let me know how it will go.



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The speed is abound 3 mbps after the adjustment and has not dropped. I will wait for few more days before accepting that it is working with acceptable speed. I expected the technical staf who handled my query should have considered all the options before closing the issue. Thanks.


We're glad to know that, @jeymashz. Let us know how it will go.