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Limited access to MDF

Level 1a

Hello. I currently have an ongoing internet issue (#xxxxxx) where my modem disconnects seconds after connecting. Or it’s just insanely slow.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve arranged to have techs come out. I’ve informed customer support numerous time that access to the MDF is extremely limited as it currently sits within an operating Cafe and that when they close (4pm) is the only time a tech can have access to it.

On two occasions the techs have come before then and not been able to do any work on the MDF. I thought one of the techs had fixed the issue without needing the MDF, it worked for a day then went broke again.

I’m sick and tired of trying to tell CS about the MDF situation and need to organize a specific time, not a time frame, for a tech to come out, it has to be 4pm. How do I go about making this happen.

Level 8

Hi @joshuatree Surely a compromise can be reached for access to the MDF during business hours, the communications technician is also in the business of providing a service, assuming the cafe proprietor is a tenant also, the MDF should be housed in a comms cupboard in a common area.

What's the landlord or property owners stance on this? The best outcome is the one that is acceptable to ALL parties.

Level 1a

The compromise is for a technician to come at 4pm after the cafe has closed. The MDF is literally nexty to a wall which has a table and chair over it during business hours. The shop tennat doesn't want his business disturbed and I agree that I don't want to inconvinence him while he's running a cafe. It was agreed that a tech would come at 4pm in order to gain access, but instead that technician came both times at 2pm, even though he was scheduled (and it was noted in his job) to come after 4pm. I've already inconvienced the shop tennat to hang around after they have closed without a guarentee that the tech is even going to come on time. The Tennant doesnt want to wait from 4pm-6pm on a maybe they'll show. How do I get them to come at 4pm?

The original intention of the builders was to have it moved to a Comms unit (It's a 24 unit warehouse conversion) but this never happened and doesnt look like it's going to happen any time soon either (fttb is due Jan-Jun 2020).


Level 8

Well @joshuatree, would be interesting to see what happens when Fire & Rescue rolls up to test the alarm circuit going through the same MDF. 


Hi @joshuatree,

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Thanks for raising this to us. We provide a time frame appointment schedule for our TPG Technician visit as they cannot guarantee the exact time of their arrival it also depends on their Job orders demand.

We are able to locate your account using your given details and we've seen that this issue is now being handled by our Engineering Team. Based on the latest log on file, there is a TPG Technician scheduled to check the MDF today between 4-7PM AEST and currently waiting for your response.

Let us know how it will go.