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Line disconnected

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Hi there,
I recently installed the "ADSL2+ with Home Phone" bundle and while setting up the modem the instruction informs me that "when the internet light is green the internet connection should be working". However, after waiting for approximately 30 minutes, no green light has appeared. I begin to manually configure the modem and I read that the line is disconnected, could this be contributing to the absence of internet? Because prior to installing the bundle, there were some technicians installing - I believe - NBN at the bottom of the driveway where I live. Is there any way that this issue could be resolved?
Thank you and have a nice evening.

Hi @joffyluo 


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Thanks for raising this with us. I performed line tests and based on the results, we're indeed detecting a line fault that may need to be raised to Telstra for repair. For assistance, I have escalated this issue to our Engineering Team, You will be contacted via SMS or phone call within 24 hours for the updates.


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Hi @joffyluo


I can see that you have already spoken to one of our Engineers earlier. From what I can tell, this has been raised to Telstra already. Please wait for additional update as to when a Telstra technician can check your line. You will be notified via SMS or phone call.