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Media Server (USB 3.0) compatible modem for FTTB

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Guys, just recently moved from my folks' place which had TPG ADSL2+ running. I'm now in a unit with TPG FTTB running pretty smoothly.


I had a TP Link Archer D9 running at my folks' place which has a USB 3.0 slot which enabled me to run a media server. I noticed that the supplied TP Link Archer VR1600v only has a USB 2.0 slot which is a tad too slow to run most of the media I have.


Do you guys have any suggestion in terms of which modem would be compatible for TPG FTTB which has a USB 3.0 slot?


Hi @rickwij,


Welcome to the community!


Any VDSL2 modem/router would work on your TPG-FTTB. However, please be advised that if you wish to use a 3rd party modem/router the VoIP will no longer work as it is compatible to work using your own provided modem/router.

Please see TPG-FTTB modem/configuration settings below.

TPG FTTB Settings
FTTB Username   Your TPG Username
FTTB Password   Your TPG Password
Encapsulation   PPPoE
Authentication Method   PAP
Modulation   VDSL2 G.993.2
VLAN   2

Let me know should you require further assistance.