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Modem set up correctly but no NBN connection

Level 2
I have received an notification today about NBN is activated in my building and I can start using it. So I followed the set up and resulted no internet connection.

I am pretty sure that the set up is done correctly, solid green lights on the modem are :
POWER, DSL, 2.4G, 5G, LAN1
but the internet light is remained off for hours.

I have tried all the sockets in my apartment, different DSL lines, have had no luck and it has been 12 hours now. I have been calling up 131423 for technical support but no one picked up my call. The first time I got hung up after I have waited 15mins. The second time and third time I have waited in line for more than an hour, still no response. Even now I am still put on hold listening to all those music and TPG recorded messages for more than two hours.

Also sent email to technical support 6 hours ago, still have no response. And someone please contact me asap as this is getting annoying especially in this quarantine period.