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Moved to new place. Need help ASAP

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It's difficult times for everyone at the moment. I understannd working remotely for everyone can be quite a challenge. It sure is for me as well. It's worse when I've had to move to a new place and I can't get any assistance from my service provider.


I have been trying to get assistance from someone since Monday last week. After waiting for 4 days, I finally got a response from online chat. I had my hopes really high up only to get a response " Please email". But I was still content knowing the fact that someone finally acknowledged my enquiry. I've emailed "Relocation" no repsonse. Followed up everyday, every day. Can't get through to anyone on Online Chat either. Maybe I need to wait another 4 days to get a response asking me to email someone again.


I need to work from home, I've moved addresses and here I am with no internet and paying for a service I can't even use at my old address. How do you want to resolve this issue?