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Moving from ADSL2 to NBN50 experience

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Because we are all in the COVID-19 environment and I do believe I am very old fashioned lady, who spend 30 years of professional life in Information Technology Industry. After latest dealing with NBN installation, I am really ashamed of how the Internet Service Provider TPG could not do the simplest things and gets away with not being responsible for any other customer service stuff they are doing.

I have been a TPG customer for the last 8 years.

I have to admit, that they were better in Service in a previous years.

3 Years ago I build up the granny flat and moved in with ADSL-2 package, leaving main premises to my son. He decided to pay separately for TPG Services.

TPG installed the ADSL-2 package with speed of 19 mbps. At that time everything was fine and dandy. I did have the satisfying speed. TPG double their money for charging main house and granny flat with INTERNET.

At the end of August 2019 our area has being implementing the NBN in real life and my son get NBN50 plan, but my granny flat has being left with ADSL-2 package.

When I return from my oversees trip in September I was shocked that I did missed on NBN installation and my current internet speed became 2.7 mbps

I could not watch you tube and do exciting things with internet with such a degraded speed, but I can skype my mother and speak to her, receive the emails and write the documents.

Everything escalated during the COVID-19 time, when everybody forced to work from home and internet became necessity of communication.

Me and my younger son order the NBN50 plan on the 15 April 2019. On the 28 April 2019 technician came and installed the Internet, but he refused to deal with telephone line, which has being essential for my well being for the last years.

How could somebody refused to deal with telephone line claiming he knows nothing about it claim he is internet technician?

I bought the package deal and receiving only half of that deal.

I had to wait on the line with TPG customer service telephone line ( internet forced option) on the period of 28 April till 12 May was on average 3 hr. I tried to communicate online and write emails as much as possible about bad telephone signal I am experiencing with echo, crackling sound on the background…, but help and solution came in the mail from Brad Whitcomb – the chief of customer service from NBN.

I simply need to place the phone closer to the modem and get rid of the switches.

Hurrah, technical problem was solved on the 15 May 2020 after 8 emails and 3 telephone calls to the Customer Service.


TPG started to charge 2 credit cards: My brand new replacement credit card ( I am still guessing how are they manage to do that) and my younger son credit card, who is living with me and kindly updated My TPG account with his credit card details.

It took another 9 emails and nothing has been done to rectify the situation, despite the screen shots of banking statements and “ My Account” charges, which has not been matched by any of the TPG customer servise representatives and no explanation has been received according to double charges they made on My Account.

I would of let it go, but today in the morning I received another threat from TPG in a form of 2 automatically generated emails “Non-payment of TPG NBN Cable 50 service - act now to avoid disconnection “ in a period of 30 mins.

I answer to both of them in 5 mins response time. 5 hr later Customer Service

Representative called me promising to send me an email, because of terrible quality of the telephone line.


4hr later his email finally arrived with absolutely identical threatening statement: “Non-payment of TPG NBN Cable 50 service - act now to avoid disconnection



Despite my emails asking them to charge my son’s credit card, and going on line and updated My Account again.

I only ask to upgrade my Services from ADSL-2 to NBN50 , (since that time of 12 April 2020) TPG charged me $220.13 and threatened with disconnection of Internet Services which costs $69.99 per month. Starting from 28 April 2020 its only been 1 month and a week.


I do not think that 1month of using NBN50 services should cost $220.13 and involve threatening emails from TPG for a service that is advertised at $69.99.


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