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Moving house with NBN box (FTTC) (rental)

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Long story short, we’re moving our nbn cable 50 plan to an fttc connection at our new rental house which does not have an nbn box, I’m trying to get ahead of the game here - we move next Friday, land agent has contacted old tenants who claim they haven’t taken the ncd.

Do we require one for fttc? Everything I’ve read bar 1 or 2 things has indicated yes

We tried explaining on the phone during the “moving home” process today but they just didn’t understand and told us to wait and see once the connection is done, doesn’t seem right. Any advice is appreciated, my wife is currently working from home because offices in Victoria are still closed so tethering off our mobiles isn’t ideal in the event we won’t have a connection.


Hi Joshrmel,


FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) requires a white NCD (Network Connection Device) please Private message me your TPG username or mobile phone attached to the account so I can assist you.


Read our TPG Community article on how to set up your NBN FTTC service. The video is followed by a step by step guide. 


Kind regards