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Moving to TPG NBN from Telstra HFC Cable (not NBN)

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If I come to TPG for my new NBN installation, will the existing bundled phone service (which comes down the coax cable, presumably as VoIP) still work?  Also can i keep the same number?

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The likeliest answer is yes. If you have a bundled home phone and Internet service with Telstra, then porting the number across to TPG should be possible. A quick call to the sales team will confirm this as they have a tool they can run your number into to confirm. Just ask them to check for you.


Alternatively, during the online application, you will be asked if you are wanting to keep your existing telephone number. When u enter your number a message will appear whether you can retain or need to have a new one assigned.


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Yes, @DB is correct you in the even that you will sign up with our service our Sales Team will give you the option to port your current number.

In case you wish to sign up with our service feel free to PM me your best contact number and preferred time together with your complete address and we'll have one of our Sales Specialists contact you for further details.


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