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Must I replace the battery?

Level 2

Our powewr supply unit is beeping with replace battery light showing.


Reading posts on the TPG community, it seems the purpouse of this battery is for the ability to make calls during power outages.


We do not need to be able to do this, so paying for a new battery is pointless.


Can we stop the beeping without replacing the battery with a new one? 




Here is some information regarding your NBN Backup Battery


Replacement information.


Silencing Alarms.


I hope this helps.




Level 2

Well, not realy.


Neither realy answer the main question of my post, which was:
 - Do I need to replace the battery and if so;

 - How do I stop the beeping permenantly


The first link was how to change the battery and the purpouse of the battery

Second was how to temporarily stop the beeping.

Level 4



I did read somewhere that you can get it to work and not alarm if you remove (or unhook the connection terminals on) the battery and power it back on. I have been wanting to test this but haven't had a chance.

Have you tried removing (unhoking) the battery and turning it back on to see if it works without alarming?

Also sometimes, the beeping alarm indicating a battery can be a false positive.
1.Powering  off th battery unit.
2. Removing the connections and re -seating them back
3. Power back the battery unit

sometimes help "reset" this false positive alarm trigger