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My NBN 100 plan Speed start dropping out form 20/04/2020

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TPG ticket: #10436144


My NBN service starts from this week getting very slow and disconnects every day, it back to normal when I restart the modem, but after few hours it back to slow speed. All light in the modem is working (light is On), just no speed or very slow, please check ASAP, I need to work at home! Thanks


I did call TPG every day, from today no one picks my call.(131423)

I did send an email report to my problem, no one reply to me.(techops@tpg.cp,.au)





Hi @Sikawong 

    Its seems NBN port issue, and I did some changes on to it,
its looking right now, please send me a PM, if you still got issues

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    My wife told me today until 8:00pm  (23/08/2020), same problems with my NBN as I told you  before, All green light on but no internet speed


After I arrived home I do a reconnect the NBN black modem, it back to normal, but I am not sure maybe the same problems again tomorrow.


I saw a reset button on the black NBN modem. should I reset it ?

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Hi, Rajerns 


After I reset the black NBN modem, the connection is still the same issue but better before, only disconnect after 7 pm today (24/04/2020), so from last night until 7 pm today is normal.


What I can do now is take the modem's power off and turn on after 10 seconds.

It can get back to normal but I need to keep doing that.


Is any way to fix this, I don't wanna keep turn on and off every day, thanks