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NBN Dropouts - possible reasons

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Recently I have had weeks of constant dropouts and have been frustrated at the unreliability and as this has now been fixed I thought I would share the outcomes.


Firstly, everything was setup correctly and some days the internet worked fine - other days it was terrible.

The NBN service team attended my house and found that the link to the modem was fine but there were 2 main issues.

1. We had 2 phone connections in the house - the 2nd one must be disconnected to ensure reliability.

2. The main reason was that our connection was an older overhead connection - when it is windy it was simply losing it's connection, ensure that this is replaced.

Hope this helps. 


Hi @rap1968 


Thats GREAT to hear.


'Star Wiring'' inside homes is a common fault. It was barely ok with ADSL, and just plain makes NBN-FTTC/N services very unstable.

Having 1x internal phone line is the best thing to have.