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NBN FTTN 50 Disconnection Dropout

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Good day!

I connected to TPG NBN FTTN50 for almost 3 months now, but in the past fee days and weeks or months, I’ve been getting frequent disconnections, sometimes for 5 minutes or so and sometimes for hours, sometimes it reconnects on it’s own.

I’m using a wifi connection, however the wifi still works. Could we ask for a reset the port of our NBN service please.

And hopefully the connection will continue to be stable, because it’s very annoying, when the disconnection happens several times a day.

Thank you

Hi @Aileen 

Thanks for your query!

Let me have a look for you, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Hi David_M

Thank you for your response. Hoping for our internet will be stable now please.

Hi @Aileen 


I have checked your NBN-FTTN 50/20 service in our NBN portals and all tests are passing at this stage.

Speed tests are also good at 45.6mbps.

Also, it says an NBN tech went to your house on Mon 8/6 and they said everything looked ok in their NBN network.


You may need to troubleshoot some internal WIFI performance issues.


There are different types of dropouts that you may experience:
1. Network dropouts, this dropout is caused by a line fault on TPG or NBN's network. Affecting all device(s) LAN/Wireless connected to the modem/router this may require a real-time test and investigation by our Technicians and Engineers.
2. Wireless dropouts, this issue only affects the device(s) connected via Wi-Fi which can easily be fix by doing adjustment to the modem/router's settings.
3. Dropouts caused by ongoing outage in your area.
In the event that you experience dropouts via Wireless/Wi-Fi connection, we recommend having a read on the following articles:
• Troubleshooting a Slow Internet Connection
• Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home
• Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it
We have also created this article that can guide you on How to Check for NBN Network Outage