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NBN FTTN Frequent short duration dropouts


We have forwarded your message to our Engineering Team and further updates regarding the delivery status of the modem and the progress of the case will be provided once available.

Level 3

New Modem arrived today, pretty happy it's not another Hauwei.


Much nicer UI on the TPLink as well. Simple setup to reconfigure my wifi on the modem rather than reconfiguring all my devices. I left all my ethernet devices on while I swapped the modems, everything seems to have retained the correct IP addresses so all good there.


Speedtest now giving me 30Mb/sec, a lot better than it was, but still quite a bit less than the 45 I was getting before this issue started, and only just over half the 50 I'm paying for.


Stability remains to be seen, fingers crossed!


Hi @Schtevo66,


We're glad to know that the service improved using the new modem/router. We also did an article that you may find helpful, this will guide you on how to improve your wireless connection at home.


Feel free to visit the links below.