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NBN Installation ETA

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I've just signed up my NBN plan with TPG after being assisted by one of your salesman on the phone that the installation will take place in 1-2 business days after registration at my new home address. Now, the email I received from TPG today is that it is going to take up to 30 business days.


I honestly feel very upset for getting the wrong information from TPG. Please explain. 


Kind Regards,

Lionel Tay.

Community Manager

Hi @lioneltay,

Welcome to the community.


The email received is stating the maximum time taken to install any service with NBN.


In your case the address you have provided seems to have all the NBN infrastructure there. So the 30 days install does not apply to you.


The TPG sales rep did give you the correct information that the NBN service will be installed in two working days.


Please also wait for the NBN modem to be delivered to your address.


Hope this cleared up all your questions.


Feel free to reach out again for any further information.





Level 1b

Hi @Manuel,


Thanks for the explanation. I'll see if I need to contact you again.


Kind Regards,