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NBN Refund for speeds

Level 1b

I received an email to say I was entitled to a refund for my NBN account. As a result I changed from my plan of 100mbps ($99.99/month) to the new plan of 78.1mbps ($89.99). I was told that I would be contacted for my refund and that this would be taking place at the end of March.


It is now the beginning of June and I still have not heard anything.


I contacted TPG to check on the refund and was told that because both plans were called the "Super fast" plan, this move did not entitle me to a refund.  Can someone please explain this to me? I feel that the price and mbps drop would signify a change of plan?




Hi @bd2901


Welcome to TPG Community! 
I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match. 


Based on our records and the email that was sent, I believe you were provided with 3 options.

  • Remain on current Speed Plan with no credit/refund
  • Downgrade to lower Speed Plan, receive credit/refund
  • Cancel the service due to NBN Speeds, receive credit/refund and waived/refunded early termination fee

Upon checking your account, I can see that you've changed your plan to one with a lower price but the same speed. Hence, it was not considered as a downgrade according to the options given.
Should you wish to downgrade your speed plan, please let us know your best contact time and number and we'll arrange the call for you.




Level 1b

Can you please supply me with records of my plan speeds at time of signing up? Because according to my own records I originally signed up for a Superfast Plan (100mbps for $99/month). When the offer of refund came through I dropped to the new Superfast Plan speed and cost (78.1mbps for $89.99/month).


To me this indicated that I had changed plans as the cost and speed offered were lowered. Am I missing something in this records? From my end it appears that the plans have changed cost and speed but kept the same name only?

Or does the refund offer mean that I must further drop my internet speed so that rather than being on the fastest plan available I must go to a lower speed?


Hi @bd2901


TPG notes the ACCC’s acceptance of TPG’s Enforceable Undertaking relating to the advertising of broadband speeds previously. We apologise to the NBN customers that have been confused about broadband speeds, the total number of which represents less than 3.5% of our total nbn subscriber base.  


TPG has implemented the new ACCC guidelines which includes promoting Typical Evening Speeds as well as confirming FTTN/B speeds after activation. We hope that the risks of such confusion will diminish.


We have 3 different Plan Type - Starter, Fast and SuperFast. Currently, you are still on the same plan type.


In order for you to receive the refund, you would need to downgrade your plan to Fast with typical evening speed of 44.0mbps. 


Hi @bd2901


One of our Account Specialists has tried to get in touch but it seems that you're unreachable. 


Please PM us your best contact time and number so that we can have this arranged for you.