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Is it just me or does the NBNsuck or is it TPG. Or both? I have been with TPG since around 1998. I have spoken to them about 8 times between dial up and NBN. Not one call was a product related issue.they were all to do with billing or bad customer service. Since May 2019.ive had the NBN and i have had bad service, 2 NBN boxes have burnt out, outages due to...? And maintenance issues. Ive rang TPG more times in the last 7 months than i have in the previous 22 years.I currently have no internet but since 9:30pm sat 22nd Feb i have and internet connection issues yet TPG states no outages. Why isnt it working then? I watch the EPL but tonight has been ruined by continuous buffering and then disconnection. I say that anyone unhappy should join with me and look at taking our business, as a group, to a new provider. If therr are enough of us we might get a discount. But either way i can say that ive had enough of this crappy product and crappy service. It may be that a new ISP has the same issues because its the NBN maintenance but i dont care as long as we get to let TPG know just how far they have come. That the attitude and respect for their customers has gotten to such a low that we will take our business elsewhere. Because TPG you suck and if i could id replace that s with an f and add an off

Hi @Adslcgp3,


We apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you and we're sorry to know that you're considering changing provider.


We take a genuine interest to all our customer feedback and we'll make sure that yours will be taken into account.


For customers experiencing any issues with their NBN service, we normally advise to check first if there's any known outage affecting the NBN network and we have created this article about How to Check for NBN Network Outage


If there are no known outages, customers can proceed with the troubleshooting steps indicated on this link : https://www.tpg.com.au/support/nbn-hfc-cable/problems_connect_internet_nbn_hfc


You are correct that there's no outage affecting the service at the moment. What we have identified is an issue with the line, thus an NBN technician has been booked to fix this.


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Same here about 2 month now, after 10pm line very slow disconnects. Really disappointed Woodville west. Maybe in Adelaide nbn not stable. 

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Dont think its just Adelaide mate, down in Melbourne (ferntree gully) its pretty rubbish too. I usually rely on the internet connection later at night and low and behold, half the night I'm fondling the router. Pretty rubbish customer service as nobody could figure out the issue, just the usual turn it off and back on. The little money saved with TPG is pointless if their internet is inconsistent with multiple dropouts a day.  Anyway I'll be moving to another provider, put up with this too long!

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Right! Here in Melbourne(Camberwell) again. The frequent outages happen especially at night and early in the morning. It started from about 2 weeks ago.
TPG sent me a sms that NBNCo is investigating in my area, but no further updates followed.
Rang TPG several times but no help at all. Who do we have to blame? NBNCo or TPG?
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Hi Harshil, are you with NBN or ADSL? I just signed up the NBN with TPG.