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NBN UNID1 port has no light...Internet is Down...Urgent

Level 2
Level 2

Hi Team,


More than a month back, I raised Slow Performance issue with TPG. Internet was working fine with 10mbps speed and as per TPG On Site Technical guy, it seems issue related to NBN Box, so, TPG Tech Support team raised the issue with NBN.


Yesterday, my internet stopped working after I got a call from one of TPG Tech Support executive. No idea, what went wrong or he did some troubleshooting because of that my net is down. I have noticed that "NBN UNID1 port has no light". All basic troubleshooting is done without any success.


Last night, again I raised the same issue on Chat Support and the support guy told me that he will add my current issue in the existing ticket and escalate to Engineering Team and they will get back to me on priority but unfortunately, no one contact me yet.


Can someone please look into it on priority as currently, I am working from home & without internet I am helpless and also I do not have proper signal to run Mobile Hotspot on my mobile.


Also imagine, no internet at home for my family & kids and we cannot go out because of COVID-19. Looks like we are in the Dark Age.


So, please escalate my issue on priority to NBN.

Thanks in advance.