NBN constant dropouts

Level 2

TPG has sent out 2 different technicians to check the connection and claim the internet is stable now, when it clearly isn't from router logs and my usage. TPG now just straight up lying to TIO officer to get them off the case. TPG claims the connection is stable when they have clearlyed communicated to me in the past they can see the dropouts on their end.
Anyone have any idea what is causing this

12020-07-14 19:25:53SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link up 1000 mbps
22020-07-14 19:25:23SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link down
32020-07-14 18:23:45SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link up 1000 mbps
42020-07-14 18:23:16SYSTEMNoticeEWAN link down
52020-07-14 17:34:10SYSTEMNoticeLAN1 link up 1000 mbps
62020-07-14 17:34:06SYSTEMNoticeLAN1 link down
72020-07-14 17:33:37SYSTEMNoticeLAN1 link up 1000 mbps
82020-07-14 17:33:32SYSTEMNoticeLAN1 link down

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