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NBN down after blackout

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Tuesday 26th. Major blackout on Sydney Northern Beaches for 6 hours after storm.

Power back now. All seems ok but no NBN, router connected but not out into the world.

Anyone else having this problem...??

Hi @PerryScope 


Welcome to the Community!


Your service is affected by an ongoing outage. NBNCo raised the report yesterday (Nov 26) at 2:30PM AEDT. The outage impacts 1231 NBN users. Based on the updates provided by NBNCo, this was caused by a local power outage.


At this time, there's no Estimated Time of Restoration yet. As of 7:16AM AEDT today, the local power company has informed NBNCo that the power outage estimated restore time is difficult to provide due to the complexity of the repairs. The power is gradually being restored. Some areas are still affected due to the outage and the power company is continually working on restoring the power in these areas.


Nonetheless, I have raised this case to our Monitoring Team. Once the issue is resolved or if an update is available, you will be notified via SMS.