NBN download speeds

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I recently had NBN50 and got speeds at approx 25-30Mbps. Last week I swtiched to NBN100 and tested speeds at 55-58Mbps. 

When talking to TPG today, they now advise that there NBN limitations in my area, limiting speeds to just 65Mbps. So NBN100 is "pointless".
They suggest I go back to NBN50 to save money.

My question: Why do I only get 25-30Mbps when on NBN50, yet I can get 50Mbps+ only when connect to NBN100.
Surely, if there is network delvery capability for 50Mbps+, I should get closer to this on NBN50?



Hi kiwisteves68,
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I am agreed with most of all your comments so if you change plant to nbn50 then you can get descent speed for based on your plan, but based on nbn specification nbn 50 plan sync speed is very between 25-50/5-20 Mbps and for nbn100 plan sync speed is very between 25-100/5-40 Mbps. In future you change your plan back to nbn50 then let us know so we can investigate because sometime sync speed might be ok with nbn50 plan but could connectivity from router to devices or multiples devices was causing lower speed test result.




To further add to Jayesh's comments

The service you have is called FTTN (Fibre to the Node). This service Utilises Fibre Optic Cable from the Exchange to the Node. From the Node it then travels along the Older Telephone copper cables and into your home. The speed you can obtain is based on how far you are from the Node and is a physical limitation. The distance you are from the Node is 735 meters. For this distance, the speed you are getting is good at 62M/23M but you will never be able to obtain the full 100M/40M speed. If you were to downgrade to the NBN50 plan your sync speed on the modem would max out at 54.9M/22.6M. There is no reason your modem would not obtain this speed on the lower plan.


It is your decision, if you think the extra 8M download speed is worth the cost of the 100M/40M plan.


If not I would suggest downgrading to the lower plan and then logging in to your modem to first check the sync speed the modem is getting.

Secondly run a Speedtest not through Wifi but through Ethernet to get a true indication of your speed.


I hope this helps.