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NBN drops out 10-12 times a day

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The internet at my place has been dropping out regularly enitrely until i reset the modem and router.
It seems to be worse when weather is bad.
I tried to email you so this wasn't in public, however it seems this is the only way to get a response.
I need someone to come out and check our line,

to answer the standard questions there is nothing scheduled on NBNco, there are no outages
it isn't just wifi, we're losing phone and cable as well
Please do not ping my line from your office, there's no lag its dropping out randomly.

Its also not traffic due to covid19 because it was happening before all this,
it is affecting my employment as I need to work from home so I'm sure you can understand my frustration.

I tried your online chat, when I first got through I was connected to a team member who ignored me for half an hour, then I couldn't join anymore because all workers with customers.

So far I've been extremely disappointed with the service TPG is providing.
If you cannot fix this then I would like to be released from my contract so I can find a company who will.