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NBN internet & phone down at Coopers Plains QLD at 8.45pm

Level 2

Its about 8.45pm here.  There is still no NBN internet and phone working.  Has the network issue been resolved.  Its not clear of the status of the outage. 


The internet has been down for me for the whole Australia Day weekend from Saturday through to Tuesday morning.  TPG sent me sms saying it was fixed Tuesday morning by TPG engineer.  Also NBN man came this morning to check devices and physical connections.  No issues at all.  But now its down again with the apparent same problem as over the weekend.  On connection box the Power and Downstream lights are on.  Upstream light keeps flashing green and no online light at all.

If the service is back on line, would someone at TPG please fix my service at your end. 

Been on the phone to TPG support for hours but no answer!

I have not had good stability with TPG network.  Is it time for me to change to Telstra NBN

Level 2
TPG please respond! I am at Coopers Plains Qld. Various statuses I have seen here and online says that you have resolved the issue . But I still have no internet or phone.

Please respond!

Hi @pennylane ,


Welcome to the community!

We're sad to know that you're having issue with the service. We've seen that this has been raised to our Engineering Team and based on the latest case progress the service has been connected for 3h 34m.

Let us know should you require further assistance.