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NBN optical indicator is RED

Level 1c
NBN optical indicator is RED



Please try a power down (count to 5 ) and then power up the NBN NTD. If you have battery backup may need to remove the power cord on the RHS of the NBN NTD.


If this is unsuccessful try a reset via the rest hole on LHS of NBN NTD (need a pinclip or similar) press down count to 20 then release.


Your Modem should be connected to the UNI-D1 port (LHS yellow port)




Level 1

Level 1c
Power cycled twice and used paper clip to reset, also twice.
I still have a RED optical indicator.
Outage occurred between 3am and 3.30am Sunday 5th April. Any thoughts on the issue being due to exchange maintenance?
Level 1c
Has this issue progressed please?
Am I correct in understanding that this chat is the only way I can communicate my connection failure issues with TPG?
The TPG phone answer is a message only and the invitation to chat about different TPG issues advises that all advisers are busy and to try again later.
I do understand the environment you are currently working in and do thank you for your help.
Level 1c
Please update me on the status of this outage.
I have two mobile phone accounts with TPG. Would you consider providing additional data to those accounts in lieu of my currently inoperative home landline and internet please.
Thank you in anticipation.
Level 1c
Hi TPG team,
Please update me on the status of this issue at your earliest convenience.
Thank you.