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NBN outage. Using ADSL as backup

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Hello TPG,

TPG shifted my ADSL to NBN two weeks back, since than i've faced outages 3 times due to carrier issues. (Really not happy, ADSL was never gave outage in last 4 years)

Even right now, my NBN is down since yesterday. 

My ADSL Modem is still showing sync,  Can you provide me any temporary login to use with ADSL until NBN connection is back??






Hi @asadulislam 


I'm sorry to hear about the service disruption.


I checked the NBN outage report and from what I can tell, this was raised by NBNCo yesterday (Nov 18) at 5:49PM AEDT. The said outage affects 80 customers and was caused by a local power outage. As of 2PM AEDT update today, the power has been restored, however, services have not returned yet. NBNCo arranged a technician to attend the site. Based on the latest update at 3:08PM AEDT, the technician is already on site.


Unfortunately, there's no Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) yet. Nonetheless, we have raised this to our Monitoring Team. Once the issue has been resolved, you will be notified via SMS.


In response to your question about getting ADSL as a back up, I'm afraid that we no longer have any way to check your connection to the ADSL exchange. We suggest to wait for the NBN outage to be resolved.