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NBN outages - HFC, Installed yesterday

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We had NBN installed through HFC yesterday and we're already seeing outages.


I've spoken to support and they were only able to see one of the outages where the router (TP-LINK Archer VR1600v) on the Network Map page lists Internet Status as Disconnected with a red cross over the internet icon up the top.


They're going to monitor the situation but weren't interested in a copy of the syslogs from the router.


I'm not great with syslogs, could someone tell me if there's something obviously wrong happening around timestamp 2019-03-03 08:17:01 on ?


Thanks in advance.


Hi @scottmeup


Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for reaching out to us. We tried to pull up your account using your community details, but we're not able to locate an NBN HFC account. We'd like to try and match your router's syslogs with diagnostic test results to know what's really affecting your service. Would you be able to send us a PM with your customer ID or username and your service address?


For reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community