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NBN red optical light

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We've checked the service status and the NBN status (TPG and NBN websites) and it says they are all working. Our neighbours NBN is working. Our NBN been very slow all night. Now we have a red optical light and no internet at all. I phoned tpg and after waiting 45 mins I hung up at 9.09pm because I figured no one was going to answer. We have reset the NBN box. Still have red optical light.

Hi @mortg,


For customers experiencing any issues with their service, we recommend the best thing to do first is check if there's an outage.


Check our Service Status page for any known outages.


If you're on NBN, we have created this article that can guide you on How to Check for NBN Network Outage


If there are no known outages in your area, you can proceed with the troubleshooting steps indicated on this link : Troubleshooting No Internet Connection


In your case, the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and they are coordinating the matter with NBN Co. to fast track the resolution.


You will receive further updates via SMS or phone regarding the progression of the case.

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I also have a red optical light on the NBN box and have tried turning off and on also checked if there were any outages but that doesn't seem to be the issue. Hopefully you can fix this at your end as internet is pretty important to my work.
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I am also having this red light problem tried switching everything off and reset, also tried waiting overnight, this was a new connection only my 2nd or 3rd week in, also it appears I’m being charged $20 for excess fee?
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I moved house and internet was installed, when connecting modem to nbn the optical port is red.
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My NBN was connected this afternoon and the optical light went red as soon as I plugged the modem in.  This has really soured my opinion of TPG and will be looking to get out of my contract if this can't be fixed quickly.