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NBN service - Do I need to be home?

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Hello. I have recently signed up to TPG for an NBN service.

I was wondering if I need to be at home for the services to be installed or can it be done without me being at home? Please note I am also a renter..... thanks.

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Hi @diwuceno ,


Welcome to the community and thanks for choosing TPG.

You will be sent an email notification confirming the installation date and timeframe. We will also notify you if a technician appointment is required to install your NBN service. You, or an authorised person over 18 years of age will be required to be at the premises on the day of the technician visit.


Installation of NBN service generally takes less than 10 business days but can take longer in some cases, depending on the demand of NBN services in your area and the availability of the NBN technician to perform the installation.


You may also track your service here:


Let us know should you require further assistance.