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Hey there , I just a problem which is recurring with my NBN setup . I recently upgraded to NBN like a month ago , and received the modem and NBN connector like 2 weeks ago . As such I have problems connecting the NBN , I watched all the suggested videos from you guys , and they seem to work 90% , as everything is lighting up , though the only thing that isn’t working is the internet on the modem and the lan on the NBN connector . You would prefer to call but if this is the only way than it is okay .

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you Smiley Happy


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In reference to PM, I have checked NBN and TPG systems and they all advise that unfortunetly your order is with NBN and is still in the process of installation.


Your installation is progressing.

We’re working hard on getting the service available for you. We'll keep you posted on the progress!


Because your installation status is still in progress stage it will not work just yet, I would recommend to give it a little more time as it could be up to 24 to 48hrs before you recieve notification or the staus of your modem and NCD will change..


However in the interum you may want to just double check to be sure of your setup and configuration of your equipment. and as per PM with focus on making sure only the B CABLE (grey phone cable) is connected between the wall socket and the B port on the NCD .. make sure NO extensions or the like are used.


To check your installation status, follow our guide at


Watch our short video guide on how to set up your NBN FTTC service.

Visit https://link.tpg.com.au/hgzDYj


Thankyou for your paitience, let me kow how you go Smiley Happy


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