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Hi there,

I received a brochure from NBN, they said that Most existing phone and internet services in Hurstville being switched off from 14 June 2019.  My current plan is fibre to the building, do I have to change to NBN before 14/06/2019 ? What happens if I don't switch to NBN? Can I still use current phone and internet (fibre to the building) plan? Thanks


Community Manager

Hi @helen387,

Since you are currently on our own High Speed TPG Fibre to the building service you will not be disconnected when NBN arrives to your area.

You can ignore the letters sent by NBN and continue to enjoy the TPG FTTB service for many years to come.

We believe that our TPG FTTB provides the best value for money with excellent performance as you can see with the below comparison.




Just to make it clear your current service will continue to work for both landlines and internet service with no interruptions from NBN.

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Hi there,

  Now I understand, The company NBN really confused me. Thank you so much for your help.