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NBN50 Very Slow Upload Speed - less than 1mbps

Level 2

Hi, I have been a TPG NBN user for more than 5 years. I have been using the same modem and setting since I joined TPG NBN50 plan. I am also using wireless connection. In the last 3 week, my connection to citrix workplace (for work) dropped out/disconnected every few minutes. I am also being kicked out from online games due to the connection issue. My video call through internet also becomes choppy in the last 3 weeks. All of this issue never happened in my 5 years with TPG NBN, with exactly same modem and same modem setting (I didnt change any setting). When I tried to connect using lan cable it was slightly better but it still has significant network issue, where I get disconnected to citrix/online games. There are times where the upload speed are at 10mpbs. So it has been up and down.


gain this never happened to me before with the same modem setting and connecting through wireless. Previously it is always smooth no matter time of the day, for years and years.


When I checked my download speed, it ranged between 20mbps to 50 mbps. But when I checked my upload speed sometimes it goes down as low as 0.08 or 0.1 mbps. I ran these speed test when it is laggy or when i get disconnected from citrix/online game.


Could you please assist? This is impacting my work significantly as I am not able to connect to citrix without being dropped out from connection every several minutes.

Thank you for your time.