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Netflix - best speeds for High Definition and 4K streaming

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Are you one of the 1 in 3 Australians that now use Netflix?


This guide will help you make sure you've got the right internet speed plan for your streaming needs and understand the difference between Standard Definition, High Definition and 4K Ultra High Definition.


For help with resolving issues with Unable To Connect To Netflix and Buffering and Streaming Quality Issues, check out this TPG Community article.














How does Netflix work?


Netflix is a subscription service that allows you to watch or “stream” popular movies and TV shows in real-time over the internet. Streaming allows you to start watching the video before the entire file is downloaded, then when you’re done the file is deleted and isn’t stored on your device. 


All you need is the Netflix App or a browser on your internet-connected device of choice (such as your computer, smart TV, gaming console, tablet, smart phone or TV box) and you’re ready to go.


What's the difference between SD, HD and 4K/Ultra HD?


The higher the resolution, the better the video quality! More pixels means better picture clarity and definition:


  • Standard Definition (SD) is the most basic quality for streaming up to "480p" resolution
  • High Definition (HD) which you may see called “1080p” has up to 1080 horizontal rows of pixels for a more defined and crisp resolution
  • 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) gives an even better resolution and quality viewing, with enough pixels to fill four HD 1080p screens

Netflix offers its content in SD, HD and 4K content. Keep in mind in order to watch HD or 4K content, the device you're watching Netflix on (e.g. your television screen) needs to be capable of displaying HD or 4K content.


Choosing the right TPG internet speed plan to use with Netflix


Compared to Standard Definition, streaming in HD and 4K/Ultra HD content requires faster internet downloads speeds and uses more of your data quota, because it's a larger file your internet connection needs to stream in real-time.


Netflix recommends the below minimum internet download speeds for streaming. For more info check


Internet Download Speed

Recommended For

1.5 Mbps

Minimum broadband connection speed

3.0 Mbps

Standard Definition (SD) quality video

5.0 Mbps

High Definition (HD) quality video

25.0 Mbps

Ultra HD quality video


The great news is TPG’s NBN plans offer speeds which allow you to have a quality experience using Netflix. To avoid the dreaded Netflix buffering, we recommend choosing an NBN speed plan based on the number of users in your household as well as the desired video quality streaming:



typ speeds 3.PNG