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New customer, would like to change the plan to NBN100

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My Account Number : XXXXXXX

I just applied for the NBN50 yesterday, but haven't completed the payment process.  Now I want to change to NBN100. I wonder if I sign the contract for 18 months. Within the 18 months, can I change my plan at any time? Is there any surcharge for that? 

Also, is the initial payment for NBN100 $219.94? Then the following payment will be $89.99/month?

Looking forward to your reply.


Yue Yu


Hi yoyo_doremi,


The NBN plan can be changed anytime you want and there will be no plan change fee when you upgrade/downgrade it. 


In case you change your plan in the middle of your current billing cycle then any unused portion will be credited to your account and will be used for future payments.


Once you have paid the initial payment which will consists of the modem shipping fee, prepayment for calls made outside included value, set up fee if you choose a no lock in contract and the first month's plan fee then the next month's fee will be the monthly plan fee for the plan you chose.


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