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New install of NBN not working

Level 2
Level 2

I have installed the NBN equipment, have NBN connection, however no internet on the gateway.  Told to leave running for 24 hours. Is this correct ?  Its just about to cross over this time frame,  and still nothing.     How long should I wait until I complain ?

If the NBN service is not ready, why are we told to plug the new equipment in ?  What am I actually waiting for. An honest response would be appreciated. Like, will it be days or weeks before its operational. 






Hi @Boz.


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Please send us a private message with your customer ID or username so we can take a look at your account and check the status of your connection.


To send us a private message, you may refer to this community article:

How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


We will wait for your response. Thank you.