Nighthawk X6R8000

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I purchased Nighthawk x6 R8000 last Friday tried so hard to connect it with my TPG router to upgrade my home network but nothing works .
I contacted my IT team at work they tried to guide me through it even it didn’t work ... we tried almost everything, the only thing that worked ( with slow connection) is bridging the old wifi router that came with the modem from TPG to the Nighthawk through an Ethernet cable .
I called the support team in TPG and stayed with them for 1 hour and half and they couldn’t fix it .
I need help

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I checked your account and from what I can tell, you're on NBN FTTC technology. Since we require VLAN to be tagged with "2", we usually recommend VDSL2 modems and not stand alone routers since most routers don't have the option to change the VLAN tag. And in the event that they do, it's limited to LAN and not on the WAN.


Unfortunately, Netgear's website and even the manual isn't clear about the ability to change the VLAN tag. However, if you were able to find it, please ensure that VLAN ID on WAN is set to 2.


On top of the VLAN tagging, here are the other settings you need:
Connection Type = PPPoE
PPPoE Username = TPG username
PPPoE Password = TPG Password


Also, please take note that the homephone will not work using a 3rd party device.