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No Internet connection on 23rd May '20 late PM.

Level 2

Dear Sr/Madam, I had no Internet connection last evening (23rd May '20) around 9.30pm. The status on your site suggested No FTTB service issues. I live in Port Melbourne, on Beach Street, Victoria.

I also looked up (on my Mobile), I couldnt find a 24/7 call centre to call and registed the service disconnection.

Please advise what number is available to customers to register faults within or after hours of support services.

The App was disfuntional as it did not allow me to log in.

Please contact me regarding this matter as I would appreciate an understanding of how to get in touch and register faults. I am a committee member of the owners corporation of our medium density building who was involved in

the connection of TPG - FTTB service to this building.

Thank you in advance



Hi  jamesrodrigo,

I can see there is sync in your modem but it isn't authenicated. You may have to enter your username and password manually.


1.Open your browser and in the address bar type 

2.You will see the home screen shown on the right. Click the Advanced tab. 

3.On the menu on the left side of the page,

 click Network to expand the menu and then click DSL.

4. Click the Edit button on pppoe_ptm_2_0_d. 

5.Enter your TPG Username and Password. Click Save


If still you having issue,could you pls Private message with Name, username/Customer ID, address and contact details so I can assist you.