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No NBN internet connection

Level 2
Dear support,

This is not the first time we have no internet connection in our house. Last time it took 1 week for the issue to be fixed. We didn’t have internet since Wednesday night. On Thursday we receive msg advice there is an NBN outage. Today we have received msg advised outage problem has been resolved but we still have no internet. Tried to call TPG, no one answer. TPG chat online waiting for more than 1 hour still couldn’t reach the agent. We have to work from home and can’t always use phone 4G coz it’s not strong enough and have limit data.
Can someone from TPG advise what is going on?

Hi kimshouse,

As per your early report we already lodged this fault to nbn. I have just checked with nbn and noted that nbn technician has attended fault today  and he also replaced possible faulty hardware however service was not restored so a specialised  nbn technician is being arranged to further troubleshoot.


I have also noted that nbn has also reported outage on network.  you can also check here.

Level 2
This has also happened to me. Yes the NBN issue has been resolved yet still no internet.
I’m also working from home and require high speed internet to do so.
Level 2
Hi Jayesh,

The current service and support is not adequate for the issue. Many people rely on the internet to work from home and not even be able to speak to support is appalling.