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No internet connection nearly whole day and

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I hope this issue I am raising will be addressed and fixed soon.

As this has become really important now. Given the current covid 19 situation, I need to work from home, and so a working and stable internet connect is crucial. But very unfortunately I had no internet, practically at all, yesterday 30/3/2020, for the whole time from 7.30am to 4.30pm.


This is not the first time, I notice the internet has been no good since around last Tuesday or Wednesday (18/03/2020, or 19/03/2020), then the following days the internet was dropping in and out the whole time, and droping out around every 10 mins.


Only at night time, and on Saturday and Sunday, I was able to connect to the internet more consistently.


It seriously affects my work, as I am in the field of software development. Also without the internet, I cannot have online meetings.

All this time, I need to connect to the internet via my mobile data!


I have been with TPG for nearly 10 years now. My experience with TPG internet is that, it somes time drops out (more frequent than I like, but still usable), but never at a point that it has no internet at all (that mean TPG's internet currently is unusable).


I have done all the related troubleshooting that what would be suggested: plug, unplug, boot, reboot etc.
This does not solve the problem.


The DSL light and Internet light is consistently off.

I had called tpg support, the support staff confirmed there is no connection at all (well, obviously), then he said need to forward my phone call to an 'engineer'. I waited for about 1 hour, never got through. So there is still no internet.


Could tpg locate my account and do some troubleshoot at your end, and get to the bottom of this issue please?


The result would be very straight forward: there is internet, or no internet.

If tpg cannot fix the issue for reason such as infrastructure wise or other reasons, that is fine, I'll switch to another provider. But please don't provide support that is meaningless - putting people on hold but the phone would never get through!






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Today 31/03/2020, also no internet. I need to write all this messages with my mobile data.

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Today 01/04/2020 - from 7am to 4.30pm, 95% of the time there was no internet! This internet is no longer usable!

Can anyone help?

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Today internet is working but very small, google speed test show:
0.25 Mbps download
0.21 Mbps upload


Though working, kind of, but it drops in and out throughout the day!

Then eventual got through the Technical Chat Support - after many hours of trying to request the chat .
The technician is of no help! Ask a few standard questions, then suddenly disconnect my chat after asking me to unplug the cable from the wall socket - this is like less than 1 minute!
Extremely bad support!

Looks like changing provider is the only choice - for whoever who is having the same experience here.

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Also question to anyone who happens to land on this page:

Do technician staff in tpg actually ever provide any meaningful support? Or able to resolve anything ever?

Any thoughts?



Hi @3945161 

         Welcome to TPG Community! Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so i can look at your service

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Very unfortunate.

I have made my issues known to TPG multiple times.
But the internet access is not resolved.
As of yesterday 18/04/2020, it was 24 hours no internet at all. Not just dropping in and out.
Today, 19/04/2020,until now 9:20am, there is still no internet.

Managed to talk to a TPG staff over 3 conversations. However, yet again and again, it was consistent that TPG keeps pushing the issue and responsibility to Telstra - keep saying it is Telstra's problem and a ticket has been launched to Telstra. There was no practical problem solving at TPG's end that I can see.


I signed the plan with TPG, not with Telstra; if Telstra has a problem with the line or whatever reason cause the internet service to not working. It is you, TPG's responsibility, to work with Telstra to get this fix. Please be a bit more responsible for your service. It has been 4 weeks like this already.


Looks like the only solution is to change to another provider. - In fact I am looking for one now.


I am writing this post to share my experience.
And if anyone comes across this post - I seriously do not recommend TPG to anyone. If you are already on TPG, please reply on your luck to have stable internet connection; if somehow there is an issue, you know the answer is that Telstra hasn't done its part, not TPG!


Shame on you guys!