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No internet connection

Level 2

Yesterday morning I woke up to no internet connection, all my devices show strong wifi signal. The modem shows no issue and loggin into my TPG account mentions no issue. I had no issues before then, no changes in speed etc..


My modem is approx 7yrs old - billion - could it have died but still be showing wifi signal? Or can you check my off-net ADSL account to see if there's a problem, before I go buy a new modem.




Hi @Sara, we have checked the status of your service and we can see that your connection is up and running for more than 12 hours now.


We are not detecting any account and network issues at the moment.


We recommend that you monitor the connection first and make sure that your telephone service is properly working. 


If the issue persists, please let us know so we can investigate further. Thank you.