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No internet in Brisbane

Level 1c
My internet all of a sudden went off while I was sending a work email. Lights are flashing on modem but internet light is blacked out. Checked my address on NBN and there is no maintenance happening at my address. Could not send a chat for assistance, kept getting a message to try again later. Also received a message saying Huawei cable error 8180. But cables are all connected properly.
Level 1c
Just got off chat after waiting 3 hrs, and there is nothing they can do, account is all paid up. Have to wait for a technician to call, (maybe tomorrow) will be heading off to Vodafone tomorrow, this is ridiculous 😑😑 I better not lose my job because of this 😑😑
Level 1c
Day 2 about to start work and still no internet 😑😑