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No internet, no service

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Hi, our internet hasn't been able to connect for four days. Have tried all the usual 'turning it off and on again' tactics but still won't work. Been trying for days to contact, and have also sent messages to your Facebook. Noticed many people in a recent post on your Facebook having similar issues...


Understand this is a challenging time for all - yourselves included - but we will have to change providers if we can't get this fixed. Not that we should be put in front of others, but my wife is working remotely for MSF (Doctors Without Borders), literally trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19, both here and globally. The internet is vital to saving lives all over the planet, and our phone tethering (through Vodaphone) is proving annoyingly slow, as well as going to rack up extra $s very quickly....


We would REALLY appreciate a response ASAP, please!


THANKS, and fingers crossed