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No one turned up for the NBN connection after confirming date and time

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This is with reference to my NBN connection, i was informed that the team will be coming on 2nd January 2019 between 1pm - 5 pm. to my utter surprise no one turned up. 
Last month i had requested the dates to be changed to Dec, which TPG team had declined stating that 2nd jan cant be changed to January. This was coming in between my travel therefor i cut my travel to be present on Jan 2nd at home. I also cut my earlier internet connection last month as i was getting this new connection. Now i don't have internet connection, i have cut holidays for my family and no one at TPG is able to give me a clear answer on this installation. 
I called the customer service team  at 5:10 pm today and they couldn't tell me anything but that that the installation is in progress. I wonder where is it in progress because the team is certainly not in my house. Further the service centre couldn't help me with anything in terms of finding a time line to rectify this issue. 
can someplese please lookin into this on urgent basis.

Hi @pankajraina,


Welcome to the community!


I can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been. I was able to locate your account using your given details and seen that we also received your concern via Twitter.


I recommend working on one thread to avoid redundancy and confusion. I will pass this to our Social Media Team for additional reference.


Please be advised that further updates will be provided via Twitter. Let me know should you require further assistance.