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Notification of NBN Outages

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I'm going to have to say it - the TPG system of monitoring NBN outages is absolutely atrocious. I'd appreciate some response to the following points:


1. Why are NBN outages in my area NEVER shown on your "TPG Service Status" page? Doesn't matter whether it is planned maintenance or unplanned event, it is never on there. You should be embarrassed that I have to go to NBN website or other carriers pages to find current information.

2. When it is a "planned maintenance" outage, you should be very well aware of it and be notifying me AHEAD of the time, rather than letting me stumble across the outage at an important moment and further have to go looking for the reason on other websites.

3. Even if I am looking at your "TPG Service Status" page, I have to sift through a long list of planned maintenance - surely it is a simple thing to add some filters so that I can narrow down my search easily.


In essence, this lack of attention to keeping your outages status up to date and failure to notify us of both planned and unplanned outages shows that you have no respect for your customers, and if you do not change this attitude quite simply I will be keeping my eyes open for alternate providers.


Hi @Hollie 


Thankyou for your feedback. We welcome this and will pass it onto our product development teams.


The TPG SERVICE STATUS page primarily deals with TPG equipment/backhaul/exchange issues, both planned and unplanned.

NBN outages can happen quickly, and sometimes without retailers having advance notice.


A combination of the TPG service status page and NBN Service Status pages will provide the most information on outages at this time.


If there is any specific issues with your service, feel free to let us know and we will try and help.








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Hi David, thanks for your reply and your indication that you would pass this on to your development team.


By far the largest proportion of outages noted for NBN on your TPG Service Status page are Planned Maintenance by third parties as per the snapshot following this paragraph - this is obviously NBNCo maintenance. Notice of these planned events is indeed available on the NBN website, and therefore TPG has no excuse whatsoever for not developing an automated system that recognises them and passes them on to customers. Similarly, TPG has the ability to quickly recognise unplanned outages and pass notice to customers so that we can make alternate arrangements as required. I have never found the TPG Service Status page to recognise ANY outage whatsoever at my property, and to ignore this rudimentary service and palm customers off to others when we happen upon an outage without notice is simply lazy and disrespectful on behalf of TPG.


Third Party Carrier
Due to carrier planned maintenance, some customers may experience connection difficulties.
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I agree that the TPG Service Status page is virtually useless.

At minimum there should be a way of filtering the list by state/postcode and it should definitely include NBN events.  My customer agreement is with TPG, I shouldn't have to trawl a wholesaler (ie NBN) website to get information about my service.


Ideally I could subscribe for specific connection address (or just postcode) so TPG could pro-actively send relevant notifications (ie planned maintenance within the next week/month) via email and/or SMS. This would cut down support calls and forum posts as a benefit to TPG.


Please improve the TPG Service Status page.  Transparency and communication goes a long way to improving trust and customer loyalty.


Hi @austeve, we appreciate your feedback and we'll pass this on internally. Let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with.