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Occasional dropouts with FTTN

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Hi, I am a new customer of TPG and have been experiencing a few problems with my fresh install. Every few hours, the signal to our modem cuts out. We have tried alternate modems, and this problem still persists.
Any help?

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Adding that it is now more frequent, but still sporadic.


Hi @50eldridge,


Welcome to the community!


I would love to help and see what happened on your connection. I tried to use your Community Details unfortunately no match.


Kindly PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account).




Thanks for providing your details via private message @50eldridge


I've managed to run some tests on the line and found no error / fault that will cause the connection to be unstable. Nonetheless, I've applied adjustments on your account and your connection should be stable now. 


Kindly test your service and should you need further assistance, don't hesitate to let us know. 



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Hiya, the connection has seen improvement, but the dropouts are still occurring, at a lesser rate. I am experiencing momentary spikes of lag, where the connection does not respond for a half-second, as well.


Thank you for getting back, @50eldridge.


We've conducted another test on your line and have seen that your connection is indeed dropping out. Since the adjustments that we've done yesterday was not able to fully rectify the issue we have now raise this to our Engineering department for further investigation.


You'll be receiving an update from them via call and/or SMS using the contact number we have on file.


Should you have other concern or is in need of an update please let us know.


Hi @50eldridge


I've checked your escalated ticket and have seen that our team of engineers has raised the service concern to NBNCo.


An NBN Technician has been scheduled to attend the service difficulty anytime until Wednesday, 08/08/2018 close of business. Your attendance is not required as he will be working outside. Once the job order is completed, our Engineering Team will get back to you to provide further update. 


Thanks for letting us assist you with this matter and rest assured that the Engineering Team will take care and prioritize this case. 


Kind Regards.

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Hello again

My problem is still not fixed, unfortunately. After the technician came out to my home and replaced corroded connectors, it seemed to have improved and be fixed completely - but now I have experienced another dropout.


In my modem event log it states that "every IP of the domain has been tried, but we didn't find the correct one!" a few times. I have attached it for your convenience in a pastebin, thank you Smiley Happy


Thanks for getting back to us @50eldridge,


I'm sorry to hear that the connection is still dropping out after the technician visit. 


Nonetheless, I've coordinated your feedback to your assigned engineer and made sure they will get back to you within the day to further discuss this concern. 


Kind regards,