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Offline since 0715 this morning

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Hi all,


I spent 4 hours online with support today after falling online at 0715 this morning. Prior to 0630 my service was online and reliable. I even speed tested it last night in expectation of a slow down today. At 0715 this morning I discovered that we were offline and are still offline. After 4 hours on a chat this morning there was resolution to my issue. I have heard nothing back from you as to when this issue will be resolved or how long we are expected to be down for.


please provide this info ASAP.


My wife and I both work for the state government in different departments and are expected to work from home for the coming weeks and months supporting critical infrastructure. If you cannot provide the expected service please let me know who I need to contact in order to be provided an alternative way of being online? IE some sort of a wireless hotspot. I should not be expected to be out of pocket because you cannot provide what I am paying you for. 

please respond to this request ASAP 


kind Regards 


Gordon Moore