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On a chat support call since 9:10am this morning. How do I know whether the call is still active?

Level 2

I started a chat session at 9:10am this morning to get some help with my NBN plan


At that time there was a countdown showing queque position. This disappeared after counting down from 30 to 25. By 10:20 I was in a chat dialog. Got transfered at 10:26 to the next person incorrectly. They tried to transfer me to the right place at about 10:35am. I've been waiting ever since ...


How do I know whether I'm still in a queue? Is my chat still being actively Monitored?

I figured phone might help, but I've been circling that queue for the past 1 hour 45 minutes, so that doesn't seem to be helping me.


How do I pick up my chat session again without starting from ground zero?



Level 2

At two hours on hold on the phone with no queueing information, and now 4.5 hours on the chat session with no updated queueing information and no update in the past 3 hours, I think I've given it my best short.


I will hope that I get a follow up direct email to the detailed email I sent an hour ago, or to this community message.