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I waited an hour to be connected to somone with the below.  They waited less than a minute before closing the chat.  I never had a chance to type anything. this was definatley not a satisfactory result.
how do i actually get thsi resolved without someone closing things off?
actually managed to be put through to an esculation team. not holding much hope after the run around ive had
facename removedI want to lodge a complaint
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facenameremovedMy customer id is "id removed"
when I first moved in I rang several times in regards to regular drop outs. kept getting told it happens. I gave up ringing because it was obvious nothing was going to be fixed. i have recently had a drop out that last 3 days and contacted the tech online support. an engineer came out the next day and determined that the physical lines are faulty and need to be replaced.
i then receive a text from tpg that the line is working. as it was up at the time i figure that it would still be rectified. this morning i still hadn't received an update so contacted tech again. find out the case had been closed. so they reopened it and said someone would call today. then i got another text telling me that all was fine. i replied to that text to say no it wasn't.
no response. contacted chat again. once i finally got through they disconnected me without even bothering to say anything. this persons name came up as heizon. tried the chat again. the same name came up. they assured me that this time th case would stay opena d it would be esculated and i would have a call by 5.30pm. it is now 6.15pm and i haven't received anything
I have spent a year and a half sith substandard internet only to find out it was because of faulty lines that weren't investigated when I first raised this. and now it has completely broken nobody is doing anything. heizon has told me that tpg will financially compensate me for lost wages once everything is closed off.
I highly doubt this. Although i do believe that since this has been ongoing for over a year i should not be paying for a full service as a full service was most definatley not provided. my only concern right now is when will this be fixed when nobody is doing anything except closing the case off?
considering the length of time this has been going on for, it should be deserving of immediate attention and I am attempting to contact customer support for a satisfactory resoloution before raising this with the ombudsman
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Hello name removed, are you still there?
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