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Outlook Does not work when connected with TPG/NBN Broadband

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Dear Community Members,

I am not sure if my question may have been asked earlier as i am using this community fist time.

The issue i am facing is that when connected broadband (using NBN FTTB service) internet works fine with ok speed but outlook does not send and receive emails. 

But if i switch internet connection via my mobile (vodafone mobile) then outlook works fine.

So I am puzzled why it works on internet via mobile but not via TPG internet or modem. Is there any blcking issue from TPG end that caused my outlook to not work when connected to TPG internet.

Please help as i have to keep switcing my internet connection to send and receive my emails via outlook.

Thank you in advance.



Hi Victor,


When you send/receive emails by TPG service have you tried to browse the internet as well?.

Could you check how much percentage of the resources are using in that time?

I saw other cases that the usage on the computer jumps up to 60-80%, that indicates is clearly an issue on the software.

Otherway to check it, if you can run ping test continuosly while sending emails.


Please advice if not a tech savy so I can provide some examples.