POP3 to IMAP change

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Recently I requested a changre from POP3 email only account to IMAP.   I had a call from a TPG Accounts staff to advice a new IMAP account using my existing TGP email address has been created.


I have tried to connect to this new IMAP account using Outlook 2016 client on PC,  a iPhone email clinet and a Windows client on a Laptop.  None of these were successful.   If I revert back toPOP3 connection the email connections work fine.


I had two calls from technical support staff in TPG.  They could not get the connections going.  After the last call yesterday,  the technical staff came to the conclusion that the IMAP account may not have been set up compeletely and may take another day.   However this was a guess from him -he could not confirm this.  He said someone would csall me again - this call has not come so far.


I tried connecting again today - no success.   


How do get confirmation that the IMAP account has been created and configured fully?   What are the best settings for IMAP.    I have tried:


Incoming   IMAP   port 143 not encrytion   Outgoing port 25 no encryption


Any adivcve from from TPG?


with thanks




I would have thought creating a new IMAP account and connecting to it would be a very routine matter.